Published: 18 March 2014

heading-iconAbout Us


With the growing technology we realized the absolute necessity to create public awareness amongst the inhabitants of our region by offering a broader information network on the what - and whereabouts:

  1. Calendar events of churches, schools & sport achievements, concerts, sports activities, festivals, exhibitions demonstrations and meetings of interest etc.
  2. Information  to reach Churches ◊ Schools ◊ Pre-Schools ◊ Old-age Homes ◊ Welfare Services ◊ all other services:  for example, hardware shops, dstv-installations, steelworks, building supplies ect ◊ Health and Beauty:  hairdressers, nail-art, beauty treatments ◊ Medical Services ◊ Veterinary ◊ Medical Arts and Craft ◊ all Accommodation needs ◊ Suppliers off:  seed, feed, transport, lubricants (all agriculture needs), ect. ◊ All Munissipal queries ◊ Financial Institutions.
  3. To give the advertiser a broader media spectrum for distribution and marketing.

The answer: came to our inspiration to put all the above mentioned information under one umbrella.  We urge you to be a participant in this new exiting venture.  You will find us under the contact information.


  •, the service provider, are striving to offer trusted and dynamic, hands-on information to the web browsers from the community who are interested in various subjects.  Our aim is not only to advertise but to keep the browsers’ interests at heart and to give heed to every establishment's urgent business needs, by doing so the web browser can get the latest updated information.
  • By the touch of a button you will have immediate access to the urgent information you need, by using our "electronic yellow pages”.